In January 2023, unveiled “The Kiss,” a groundbreaking installation in Lausanne, Switzerland, that showcased our ability to develop innovative and unconventional solutions. Using electroencephalographic (EEG) brainwaves and artificial intelligence, we created a live generative visual representation of the mental states of two individuals engaged in an intimate moment – a conversation and a kiss – on stage in front of a captivated audience.

The Technology

Our system combined AI with EEG technology to analyze raw brainwave data in real-time, translating it into detectable mental state data streams such as stress, engagement, interest, excitement, focus, and relaxation. This allowed us to create a visual representation of how each participant’s mental state affected their partner’s correlated states and vice versa, emphasizing the relational and cognitive impacts of human minds.

The Concept

The Kiss is a testament to our flexibility and willingness to explore content that goes beyond the norm. Unlike traditional single-user experiences, our unique system architecture focuses on the feelings and connections between people, using emotions as a language to illustrate the profound impact of human interactions.

Your Immersive Experience

With The Kiss prototype as a foundation, we’re ready to create captivating, immersive shows that harness this innovative technology. Let us bring your audience together in a way never seen before, connecting minds and emotions to create unforgettable, shared experiences. Reach out to today to explore the limitless possibilities of this groundbreaking technology for your next event.