hiddenvalley.com — Connecting a community of ranch lovers through craveable digital experiences.


As the producer of the original ranch dressing, Hidden Valley® is the go-to choice for ranch lovers. They reached out to BASIC with an appetite to aid discovery within their online community – starting with their website.

We dug deeper into Hidden Valley’s audience, and uncovered a hidden community of passionate ranch fans eager for ways to come together. The “ranch fandom” is exactly what you would picture. They are serious. They are loyal. And they are craving new ways to champion their coveted condiment.

"The Electro team thoroughly enjoyed the partnership and collaboration with the BASIC team. From the beginning they felt like an extension of our team and trusted partners. They quickly absorbed all of the onboarding documentation, asked smart questions, and felt like they were right up to speed with the rest of us in no time."

– Brock Weaver
Group Project Manager


– Spectrum is a website redesign project that aimed to elevate the user experience and improve brand identity for a tech company. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their target audience, brand values, and business goals in order to create a modern and visually appealing design that would capture the attention of potential customers.

Content Strategy

– The delicate balance between purpose and product truly came to life throughout our overall content strategy for this redesign. We set out to create a central system that could not only serve as a shopping platform, but a brand initiative as well. In doing so, we were able to weave Patagonia’s passion and purpose right into each product story, and keep consumers engaged in the brand, even if they were just looking to shop.

Intersecting strategy with design

Through in-depth strategic discovery and integrating our findings into the design process, BLVR told the story of who Rushing really was. We conveyed the most authentic brand elements to clearly represent Rushing in each design feature possible. By entirely recreating their logo and establishing a fresh color palette, we brought new energy into Rushing. We laced their passionate strategy into every avenue of the elevated brand identity to reestablish Rushing as the truest version that they could be.