Premiered at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November 2023,’s HoopRush redefines interactive gaming by merging basketball with technology. This engaging game invites players to scan a QR code, select a category, and shoot to score, blending physical activity with digital innovation.

Utilizing custom dynamic code and sophisticated motion detectors placed beneath the basket, HoopRush accurately captures every shot, translating physical prowess into a vibrant digital display. This innovative approach elevates the gaming experience and celebrates each player’s achievements, making everyone feel like a star athlete.

Launched at a prestigious event, HoopRush showcases’s dedication to advancing interactive entertainment. The game’s simple yet engaging mechanics—scanning, selecting, and shooting—offer a personalized challenge that tests skill and strategy. HoopRush’s success at the Grand Prix underscores’s commitment to creating immersive experiences that foster excitement, competition, and community, solidifying its position as a leader in the realm of interactive gaming.